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Answer: Read more about GDPR and Lime here >>

If you have any specific needs, feel free to contact your sales responsible at Lime.

We have a wide range of add-ons and integrations for Lime CRM and Lime Go. The installation is done using your consulting hours.

Read more in our add-ons catalogue >> 

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Invoicing & payments

You need an active service agreement to get help from the support team.  If you’re not sure, it’s free to get in touch with us so we can help you.  Contact us by phone + 46 46-270 48 00 or info@lime.tech.

For help with payments and invoices contact us directly at finance@lime.tech.

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Tips & Tricks

Check your contracts in the Lime CRM web client when you’re out and about.  One of our consultants needs to configure your system for a few hours so your web client can be tailored to your database and other functions.

Contact us for price and information at info@lime.tech or + 46 46-270 48 00.

We are happy to receive feedback and customer wishes about functionality, courses or webinars – get in touch with your Lime salesperson or email info@lime.tech.

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Email our support at support@lime.tech with the following information;

  1. Screenshot of the message/error.
  2. When it happened and who it affected.
  3. Which Lime CRM version you’re using.

Check if you have the latest version of Lime CRM (download here) and try restarting your computer.

If this doesn’t help, you are always welcome to contact our support at support@lime.tech.

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Selection & views

Info tiles is an add-on that shows your chosen filter in a simple dashboard when you login.  This gives you an overview of your key figures.  Info tiles is set up by one of our consultants.  Contact us by at + 46 46-270 48 00 or info@lime.tech if you want to find out more.

All you need to know about info tiles here: Info Tiles: Get an overview of your key numbers – Add-ons.

You may not see the tab to manage your marketing activities and campaigns. This is probably because the tabs are hidden.  Talk to your Lime administrator and ask them to bring it up in LISA under Properties for the tab, the Invisible box should have the status No.

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The template manager is in Tools > Template manager. Create useful templates for your documents and connect them to information in Lime.

For example – a quote template that auto generates with customer contact information and other information.

There is essentially no limit to how many templates you can have in the Template Manager.  Avoid templates you don’t need so you’ve got a better overview.  Just like Hemingway we at Lime think that Less is more. So keep it simple!

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Cloud & Webclient

Backups are carried out once a day and saved for 365 days.

Re-importing a back-up takes several hours and is carried out by a consultant which incurs an additional fee. If you have a failed import, contact us for price information.

Read more about how we manage data in the cloud here: Security in Lime CRM: You can trust us – We protect your  data!

The web client makes it possible to log in to Lime when you are on the go. It requires a bit of tweaking by a consultant to adapt to your particular database. Contact us on tel. +46 46 270 48 00, or email info@lime.tech to check if this has already been done or to book a consultant.

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We usually organise two user trainings during the autumn and two during the spring. For more information about the upcoming trainings see here: Trainings & events or contact our support at info@lime.tech. 

Yes of course! You can either ask your contact person at Lime to book the training or do it by yourself. For more information about the trainings, dates and prices see here: Trainings & events or contact our support at info@lime.tech. 


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Lime Marketing

When it’s become time for you to select the recipient list from Lime CRM, to do it successfully, follow these steps:

  1. Select recipients tab (on the left upper corner).
  2. Now you have two options either to add a recipients list or to import recipients. Select add recipients list.
  3. From the panel on you the left, select Lime CRM.
  4. Find the recipients list you want to send the e-mail to and press on add selected list.
  5. DONE!

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to embed a video to your newsletter. What you can do is to insert a picture (from the actual video) and add a URL link to the YouTube video from the inserted picture.



There are four different categories of bounces – hard, soft, spam, transient, auto responder and others.

Hard bounce means that the recipient address does not exist (eg the domain has ceased to exist or the e-mail address is misspelled).

Soft bounces are temporary bounces, such as a full inbox.

Spam is when the recipient’s spam filter thinks that the message should be classified as spam and therefore the send out is not delivered to the recipient.

Transient is a temporary bounce. The server was down when we tried to send and we could not deliver the email within 4 days.

Auto responder means e.g. out of office notifications or notification that the recipient has left work or changed email address.

Other bounces end up with the bounces that Lime Marketing cannot interpret, where the bounce code and text deviate from the standard.

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