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How do I access the web client?

The web client makes it possible to log in to Lime when you are on the go. It requires a bit of tweaking by a consultant to adapt to your particular database. Contact us on tel. +46 46 270 48 00, or email to check if this has already been done or to book a consultant.

Is Lime Go available as an app for your phone?

Lime Go is a web app so no separate app is required for your smartphone or tablet. Access Lime Go via your browser to use a mobile-friendly version. To open Lime Go on your mobile, click on the question mark at the bottom left of the Lime Go interface & scan the QR code.

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Sometimes a fellow human can help to resolve the issue. Our customer service aims to respond within two or three rings of your call. This may be one of the reasons why 98.7% of 4297 people in our 2018 customer survey recommended others to contact our customer service.