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About Lime CRM

The maximum document size is 50mb.

Answer: Read more about GDPR and Lime here >>

If you have any specific needs, feel free to contact your sales responsible at Lime.

We have a wide range of add-ons and integrations for Lime CRM and Lime Go. The installation is done using your consulting hours.

Read more in our add-ons catalogue >> 

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Email our support at with the following information;

  1. Screenshot of the message/error.
  2. When it happened and who it affected.
  3. Which Lime CRM version you’re using.

Check if you have the latest version of Lime CRM (download here) and try restarting your computer.

If this doesn’t help, you are always welcome to contact our support at

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Cloud & Webclient

Backups are carried out once a day and saved for 20 days.

Re-importing a back-up takes several hours and is carried out by a consultant which incurs an additional fee.  If you have a failed import, contact us for price information.

Read more about how we manage data in the cloud here: Security in Lime CRM: You can trust us – We protect your  data!

The web client makes it possible to log in to Lime when you are on the go. It requires a bit of tweaking by a consultant to adapt to your particular database. Contact us on tel. +46 46 270 48 00, or email to check if this has already been done or to book a consultant.

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