The basics of Lime Go

All data in Lime Go is imported from Bisnode, which in turn collects its data from various public sources (Bolagsverket, Skatteverket, Statistics Sweden, etc.) You will unfortunately not get all contact information, to all decision makers, on all Swedish companies. On the other hand, Lime Go gives a very good indication of the company, its current situation and who to contact or ask for, so you will at least get a foot in the right place. Do not forget to supplement the data in Lime Go by looking for items, the company’s website or using LinkedIn. Lime Go will help you go from cold dialogues to lukewarm / hot. In addition, you save a lot of time with the collected data in one place.

Yes, of course you can! Go to your deal and click on the three dots in the righthand corner, select Edit and change the displayed information as required. However, think twice before you delete a deal.

History can be edited or deleted at any time by a Lime Go administrator.

Without the administrator rights, you can only edit your own history within 14 days of the history record being created.

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Personal data & GDPR

One of the big changes that GDPR entails is that you need explicit consent to be able to do e-mail send outs and campaigns. It is no longer enough to have been in contact with the person.

Unfortunately, we could not have set it automatically because you need explicit consent.

To send email campaigns from Lime Go, you must check this box of all the people you want to send to.

Data Protection Regulation. It is a new European law for the handling of personal data and increased privacy protection that enters into force on 25 May 2018.

GDPR leaves a lot for interpretation. It states, for example, that companies must provide a “reasonable” level of privacy protection for personal data, but does not define what falls within the “reasonable” framework.

However, GDPR defines the rights that all customers have.

Before we go into these rights, we need to determine a few definitions:

  • User: It’s you! The user of Lime Go
  • Customer: A natural person, whose data is available and processed in Lime Go
  • Reference: The field that connects a person to another object, e.g. field with the customer on a history note, a to-do task or a document.
  • Data processing: Whatever you need to use customer data for. For example, you need the data to sell your product or service.

Here you can read more about Lime Go and GDPR

If you suspect that your account has fallen into the wrong hands, it is important to notify the contacts you have in Lime Go, as they may be adversely affected. This must be done within 72 hours.

Contact us to get the list of people involved so you can notify them.

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