Email mailout


Email mailout

An Opt out means that the recipient has unsubscribed from your newsletter, and no longer wants to receive emails.

This will update the email consent in Lime Go.

Unfortunately, no.

If you anonymise a person that is included in an upcoming campaign, all personal data about that person will be deleted. The person will remain (as anonymous) in your e-mail campaign to show you that you were trying to send an e-mail to someone on this company, but will result in a hard bounce because the e-mail address is missing.

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What does bounce mean?

On this page you can read about:

If an email “bounces”, then it hasn’t reached its intended recipient. There are two main types of bounces:

Hard bounces

This means that the e-mail is invalid or no longer exists. You should probably update it.

Soft bounces

This means that the e-mail you are trying to send to has a full inbox, temporarily unavailable or most commonly has an out of office reply.

We will retry sending this e-mail a number of times, but if we still can’t get it through a bounce will be reported back in the campaign statistics.