Connect Lime Go to other systems


Connect Lime Go to other systems

Zapier is a super neat and cool service which makes integrations between different online services as easy as pointing and clicking a few time. Zapier makes it possible for anyone, without specific technical knowledge, to integrate Lime Go with over 400 different online services.

Yes, Lime Go has an open REST API which you can use to integrate your Lime Go with other systems. You can read the full API-documentation here.

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How the new ERP sync works

We have released the first version of our new ERP sync to Lime Go. Say goodbye to boring admin work with this new sync in place😎

Check out our roadmap to see when we plan for the next release 😉

How does it work?

Once a deal in a pipe is put in a positive last step, Lime Go will send customer and-deal information to Fortnox and an order or an invoice will be created. Fortnox will also send over the invoice/order number and the payment status, as well as the deal ERP ID. The payment status can be seen on the tab Invoices on the company card. If the invoice is read, then the customer hasn’t paid, and it has passed the due date. If the invoice is yellow, then it is still not paid but the due date hasn’t passed, and if it is green then the invoice is paid.

If you have existing customer data in Fortnox, then it will get overridden by the data in Lime Go since Go is the Master. Note that since Go does not have a delivery address, it won’t be affected.

When a deal is won the sync will create an order or an invoice, and then will update the deal ERP ID back with the order/invoice number.

How to activate the sync

  1. You need to have an account at Fortnox.
  2. Then log in to Lime Go > Settings > Integrations > ERP integrations.
  3. Select Fortnox and follow the steps provided on the page.
  4. Follow Fortnox guide of how to set up an integration

This sync can be activated in two parts:

Standard (999:-/month)
New customers in Lime Go are sent to Fortnox. When you win a deal (positive end step in Lime Go) you can either create orders in Fortnox, or create a draft of an invoice.

We also sync information about invoices from Fortnox to Lime Go. You can see invoice info, billing status and responsible coworker in Lime Go. This will help you see payments of invoices in Lime Go, instead of sending this info to the Lime Go users, who then have to involve the customer. Updated information in each system and enabled transparency between departments.


Premium (1499:-/month)
We sync information about your products/articles in Lime Go and the orders in Fortnox. This is added on top of the existing sync above. That means you cannot sync articles/products without also syncing customer & invoice info. Products/articles in Fortnox & Lime Go will be synced between the systems to ensure you have correct product information in each system. Speed up the business flow between the systems, avoid human error when selecting product info from a set library and give correct pricing information thanks to the calculated deal total, its discount, and each product value. Streamline your sales.


Adding Premium after buying Standard means an extra 500:-/month


What information is transferred to Fortnox?

Same info as existing sync, which is:

Company Name. The name of the company in Lime Go is copied.

Company Registration number. This is the key field between Lime Go and Fortnox. If you change this, you might get duplicates if the company is transferred a second time.

Company Email. The e-mail of the company is copied. If you want to send an e-mail invoice, you might want to change this to the invoicing e-mail or edit that in Fortnox.

Company Phone number. The phone number of the company in Lime Go is copied.

Company Postal address. The postal address in Lime Go will become the invoicing address in Fortnox.

Company Visiting address. The visiting address in Lime Go will become the delivery address in Fortnox.

Deal name. The deal name will be added as the main article to the invoice.

Deal value. The deal value is added to the invoice pre tax.

Deal custom fields. Any custom fields available on the deal will be copied to the invoice specifications. You can use this for specifying extra information about the invoice. E.g discounts.


What information is transferred to Lime Go?

These changes in your ERP is reflected in Lime Go:


No updates are taken into consideration. Lime Go is master


No updates are taken into consideration


Amount, payment status, responsible coworker, contact person etc.



What is an invoice?

An invoice, bill or tab is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities, and agreed-upon prices for products or services the seller had provided the buyer.

When is an invoice created?

As soon as the invoice is created in the ERP system, it should be created in Lime Go. This document is not editable, only visible. I the invoice needs changing, it has to be done in the ERP.

Can’t get it to work?

We launch this on the 1st of June 2023. If you can’t get it to work, contact our support.

Is Lime Go or Fortnox the Master?

Lime Go is the Master, and the reason for that is that Lime Go has updated business data from Dun & Bradstreet/Bisnode.

What happens if I “rewin” a deal in Lime Go?

First time you win a deal (positive end step), the ERP ID field will be filled out with the ID from the ERP system. As long as that field has a value, we won’t create a new Order/Invoice in the ERP. If the user clears that field, a new Order/Invoice will be created in the ERP.

Will the release of the new ERP sync affect current customer sync?

It should not affect the customer with our release.

What happens with the ERP sync if I win a deal in pipeline 1, move it to pipeline 2 and win it there as well?

Nothing since it is already linked through the ERP ID field. Note that if that ERP ID value is accidentally cleared by the user, then an order or an invoice will be recreated if the deal is rewon.

If I put a deal in won and make changes, will that be synced through the sync?

No, it will not sync any changes done after it has been put in won. Also note that once an invoice is booked no changes can be made to it.

How do I know in Go that an invoice has been created?

You see the invoice.

What about order rows and articles?

More info to come! Product Library & Article sync is being developed now. 

How does the sync handle articles included in a deal, but does not have an ERP article number?

We will create the article, but not report the number back to Lime Go since we don’t sync articles that direction. It might be possible in the future, but that’s not how it works right now.

What happens if my ongoing sync fails?

We will send an email to you as a customer, regarding what failed to sync.