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How can I export my business opportunities?

To export your business opportunities, go to Business in the left menu and click the “Download list button”.

When you want to export a specific transaction (e.g., a specific Responsible Employee or a specific step in the process), select the transactions that are relevant for you cause, by using the filters in “Show filters”. When you are done with your filtering and ready to export, – download the list.

  • The exported information is limited to the following fields:
  • The name of the business opportunity
  • Company name
  • Status
  • Value
  • Probability
  • Order date
  • Contact name
  • Name of the person in charge
  • Description
  • Status text
  • Status Date
  • Customer internalID
  • Customer integrationID
  • Contact sourcenativeID
  • Contact internalID
  • Contact integrationID
  • Tags
  • Source
  • Created Date
  • Own fields

Since you have both Bisnode ID and a registration number, you can send the file directly to Dun & Bradstreet (fmr. Bisnode) (the provider of the data in Lime Go) to add more information if desired, for an additional fee.