Migration & export


Migration & export

You can export the result from a calling list and also your business opportunities. Another option is using Zapier if you want to create automatic export flows.

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  3. How and what you can export from my business opportunities

How and what you can export from my business opportunities

Export the business opportunities by going to Deals.

Make a selection of the deals you are interested in and choose Download list.

The exported information is limited to the following fields

  • Name of the business opportunity
  • Company name
  • Status
  • Value
  • Probability
  • Order date
  • Contact name
  • Responsible name
  • Description
  • Status text
  • Status date
  • Customer internal id
  • Customer integration id
  • Contact sourcenative id
  • Contact internal id
  • Contact integration id
  • Tags
  • Source
  • Created date

As you have both Dun & Bradstreet ID and a registration number you can easily send the file to Dun & Bradstreet to add the information you want, for an additional fee.

Example usage of the feature is to use the information in an external business intelligence tool, import it to an order management system or deliver it to a customer as a project result.