Sales goals & budget


Sales goals & budget

To see the report go to Sales activity. This view shows the activity against goals for the sales team and for the individual coworker. It is possible to filter by dayweek, month, quarter, year and custom period.

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Getting started with goals

In Lime Go, a sales manager can set goals for your sales team based on four areas of activity: budget, number of created deals, number of won deals, sales calls, booked meetings and attended meetings/client visits.

Select the employees profile page and click on Edit goals  from the “three dot menu” in the top right corner.  Note that unless you have administrator rights, you can only open your own profile page.

Navigate to the year in question and set the monthly activity goals for the employee. At the top of each type of activity, you have the option of updating all 12 months at once, which you can manually adjust afterwards.

Remember that the statistics are linked to the colleague who books the meeting, even if another employee attends the meeting in their place.  This is also true for an employee with administrative rights reporting on a meeting to a colleague – then the colleague’s statistics are raised by 1.

It’s possible to edit goals if an issue arises after they have been set. This tool is designed to help the sales team monitor their progress towards their goals. Finish by clicking Save.

Goals will be displayed on the employee profile page and on the Sales activity report. You will also find a diagram indicating how the work is progressing.

The monthly goal value will be subdivided by the number of days in the month, not including weekends, to provide a running target. This indicates where the sales employee should be at the end of each day so that they meet their monthly goals.