Migration & export


Migration & export

You can export the result from a calling list and also your business opportunities. Another option is using Zapier if you want to create automatic export flows.

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  3. Export a calling list

Export a calling list

You can export data from a calling list using the Export outcome function in the calling list menu. Only called companies, i.e companies with a status in a final step, will be exported. Lime Go uses a business model where the data is leased from our company and you can only access this within the program.

The exported information is limited to the following fields

  • Company name
  • Company number
  • Customer number
  • Bisnode’s company ID
  • Contact name
  • Bisnode ID for contact name
  • Employee name and ID
  • Status in calling list
  • Call list status comment

Since you receive both a Bisnode ID and organisation number, it’s easy to send the file to Bisnode to add the relevant information, for an additional fee.

You can contact us if you want access to all of your data. You can read more about exporting data from call lists here.