A special focus for this webinar will be on how a marketing automation strategy brings sales and marketing closer together, and where to start. We’ll introduce models and concepts to analyze how your company’s strategy and culture can better support your marketing and communication efforts by using behavior as a competitive edge.

At the webinar (held in English) we’ll go through the following questions:

  • How to strengthen customer relationships and drive loyalty with marketing automation?
  • Which points in the customer journey should you automate?
  • What to look for in marketing automation software?
  • How to get started with creating a strategy?

Sign up even if you cannot join at the specific time, as a recording of the webinar will be sent to all registered participants afterwards.

About the speakers:

Josefin Garin

Management Consultant

Josefin Garin is our Swedish trainer for Lime Intenz. After years of experience in Sales, she became a Management Consultant. In this position she trains companies to not only set up their strategy, but also trains & motivates the people to follow that path.

Armanda Kusse

Country Sales Manager the Netherlands

Armanda Kusse has the Dutch way of handling things. She works as a Country Manager at Lime in The Netherlands, and has many years of experience in Sales. She understands how to turn an idea, into an action and with that state of mind, she will be the 3rd host in this webinar.

Cleo Dan

Product Manager

Cleo Dan brings the American influence in this webinar. Working as a Product Manager with her expertise in both Marketing & Communication ánd in Marketing Automation flows, she has great knowledge about how to handle this, and where to start. She works at Lime as a PM-er and helps our customers in working more efficiently & easier by using Marketing Automation.