Koble Lime Go til andre systemer


Koble Lime Go til andre systemer

Zapier is a super neat and cool service which makes integrations between different online services as easy as pointing and clicking a few time. Zapier makes it possible for anyone, without specific technical knowledge, to integrate Lime Go with over 400 different online services.

Yes, Lime Go has an open REST API which you can use to integrate your Lime Go with other systems. You can read the full API-documentation here.

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  3. Understanding External Keys

Understanding External Keys

The field External Key can hold an id or similar value that exists in another system.

When the field is in place it is exposed in our api and you can use it in there or in Zapier to find types in Lime Go.

How do you create an External Key?

Dealscompanies and persons can have a custom field that is of the type External Key. Go to Settings > Deals|Companies|Persons > Custom fields.

The field must have a unique value per type (Deals, Companies or Persons). Meaning the same value can exists on both a deal and a company but two different companies can’t have the same value.


Let’s say you have a customer id for a company in an external system that you need to store on the corresponding company in Lime Go.

  1. Go to Settings > Companies > Custom fields and click on + Add… Give the field a name i.e. MySystem and select the type External Key from the drop down.
  2. Go to a company in Lime Go and click Edit. You’ll find the newly created field under the section Custom fields. You can set the value manually or you can use our api to update the field value.