Koble Lime Go til andre systemer


Koble Lime Go til andre systemer

Zapier is a super neat and cool service which makes integrations between different online services as easy as pointing and clicking a few time. Zapier makes it possible for anyone, without specific technical knowledge, to integrate Lime Go with over 400 different online services.

Yes, Lime Go has an open REST API which you can use to integrate your Lime Go with other systems. You can read the full API-documentation here.

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  3. Can I use Skype, Lync etc. with Lime Go?

Can I use Skype, Lync etc. with Lime Go?

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Yes! All telephone numbers in Lime Go are so-called tel-links, a standard for telephone integrations on the web. This allows you to press the link to make calls directly from your smartphone or computer. Most soft phone-software’s works with tel-links immediately after installation.

Your operating system determines which software to use by default for phone calls.

Mac OS X

  1. Launch the “FaceTime” application.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select the app you want as “default for phone calls”.


  1. Open the control panel.
  2. Find or search for standard programs.
  3. Click select default program.
  4. Find your soft phone software and set it as default.