Data Protection Regulation. It is a new European law for the handling of personal data and increased privacy protection that enters into force on 25 May 2018.

GDPR leaves a lot for interpretation. It states, for example, that companies must provide a “reasonable” level of privacy protection for personal data, but does not define what falls within the “reasonable” framework.

However, GDPR defines the rights that all customers have.

Before we go into these rights, we need to determine a few definitions:

  • User: It’s you! The user of Lime Go
  • Customer: A natural person, whose data is available and processed in Lime Go
  • Reference: The field that connects a person to another object, e.g. field with the customer on a history note, a to-do task or a document.
  • Data processing: Whatever you need to use customer data for. For example, you need the data to sell your product or service.

Here you can read more about Lime Go and GDPR