Anker link til fundamentet-i-lime-go

To add a new person to a company press the + Add a person on the person section on a company card, or you can click on the big green plus-button and choose Person. Fill in the blank fields and then press save.

  • As an administrator you can always edit (update the description) or remove a document.
  • As a user (no administrator permissions) you may only edit or remove your own documents, and within 14 days of creation.

Of course you can! If you use Lime Go on your smartphone, everything works straight out of the (Go) box. If you would like to call directly from your computer you’ll need a so called soft phone on your computer i.e. Skype or Telavox. Click on the number you would like to call, and don’t forget to take notes from your call.

Lime Go is a web app so no separate app is required for your smartphone or tablet. Access Lime Go via your browser to use a mobile-friendly version. To open Lime Go on your mobile, click on the question mark at the bottom left of the Lime Go interface & scan the QR code.

*Tip*! Create a shortcut on your home or start screen to get to the web app quickly and easily.

You can edit a tag by clicking on Settings -> Company/ Person/ Deal -> Tags -> then just change the text and click Save.

  1. Go to Settings (gear wheel on the side menu).
  2. Depending on the tag you want to delete, select either deals, companies- or the people tab on the settings page.
  3. Click on the Tabs sub-tab.
  4. Now the available tags will appear. Click the waste bin to delete.
  5. Press save at the bottom of the page.
  6. Success! You’ve removed a tag.

For at tilføje en person til en virksomhed, så tryk + Ny person blandt personerne på virksomhedskortet eller tryk på den grønne Globalopret-knap til venstre. Udfyld felterne og klik på gem. 

Don’t worry! Just click on Forgotten password on the login page. Enter your email address and you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. If this doesn’t work, please contact our support.

You can delete persons you have added, but consider whether the person should really be removed. If someone resigns or changes jobs, it’s better to set the person as Inactive. If you add a person by mistake, it may be appropriate to delete them instead.

To delete a person click on the menu button (top right) and select Delete. Removing a person requires that you have the rights to do so. Basic data from Bisnode cannot be deleted. However, you can “hide” people if you are unable or do not want to delete them. You can show these through the “switch” on the company card.

As an administrator, you can edit (update the description) or delete a document. However, if you don’t have administrator privileges, you can only edit or delete your own documents within 14 days of their submission.