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You can add up how many databases you want in LIME Easy , but be aware that they are not communicating with each other but are completely separate. To create a new database is as easy as pie .

  • Start LIME Easy Database Manager , a small program located in your Windows applications on the client. It is installed in conjunction with LIME Easy is installed .
  • Click Add.
  • Point out where you want your database will form we browse button.
  • Click Apply.
  • Click the Advanced button and Suggest. The paths to the documents, templates, and merge mail will now automagically same as the database.
  • Click Apply and OK.
  • Highlight your new database in the list and click Apply.
  • Start LIME Easy . You will be prompted to create the database / folder for documents, templates and merge mail. Click Yes on all of them.

Lime Easy has a connection to Office package. The integration with MS Outlook enables you to synchronise your reminders and calendar bookings between Outlook and Lime Easy.

  • Activate the connection through the menu Edit > Settings.
  • Click on the tab Apply.
  • Select the Integrated connection to Microsoft Outlook box (Outlook 2003 or later).
  • Then click the Customise button to prepare the synchronization settings.
  • Click OK. For the change to be visible, you need to restart Lime Easy, select in the pop-up. You can decide to do this now or later.
  • Done!