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You can add up how many databases you want in LIME Easy , but be aware that they are not communicating with each other but are completely separate. To create a new database is as easy as pie .

  • Start LIME Easy Database Manager , a small program located in your Windows applications on the client. It is installed in conjunction with LIME Easy is installed .
  • Click Add.
  • Point out where you want your database will form we browse button.
  • Click Apply.
  • Click the Advanced button and Suggest. The paths to the documents, templates, and merge mail will now automagically same as the database.
  • Click Apply and OK.
  • Highlight your new database in the list and click Apply.
  • Start LIME Easy . You will be prompted to create the database / folder for documents, templates and merge mail. Click Yes on all of them.

Lime Easy has a connection to Office package. The integration with MS Outlook enables you to synchronise your reminders and calendar bookings between Outlook and Lime Easy.

  • Activate the connection through the menu Edit > Settings.
  • Click on the tab Apply.
  • Select the Integrated connection to Microsoft Outlook box (Outlook 2003 or later).
  • Then click the Customise button to prepare the synchronization settings.
  • Click OK. For the change to be visible, you need to restart Lime Easy, select in the pop-up. You can decide to do this now or later.
  • Done!
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Nomad is a feature that’s used to coordinate data in several databases. For example your database and your colleague’s database.

The coordination is done by sending and receiving files through e-mail. The files contains the changes that’s been done since the last file was sent. And through drag and drop, the data in the files is synchronized with the database.
Nomad is often used in some of the following cases:
– If it’s not possible for one user to connect to the network.
– If the connection to the network is not stable enough.
– If one user is not supposed to see some parts of the database.
The nomad feature is included in Lime Easy, but the nomad place (the remote office) is set up by one of our consultants.
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