Email mailout


Email mailout

An Opt out means that the recipient has unsubscribed from your newsletter, and no longer wants to receive emails.

This will update the email consent in Lime Go.

Unfortunately, no.

If you anonymise a person that is included in an upcoming campaign, all personal data about that person will be deleted. The person will remain (as anonymous) in your e-mail campaign to show you that you were trying to send an e-mail to someone on this company, but will result in a hard bounce because the e-mail address is missing.

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Why your email campaign is sent from an email

We have put a lot of effort into making a trusted domain for most email clients.

So in order to guarantee that your emails find their way to your customers inboxes and avoid spam filters, all email campaigns sent using Lime Go newsletter will be sent from an address.

However this is something your customer will probably never see.

The sender name will be your name. The reply-to address will be yours as well. The sender email is only displayed if you hover over the sender name in some email clients.