Connect Lime Go to other systems


Connect Lime Go to other systems

Zapier is a super neat and cool service which makes integrations between different online services as easy as pointing and clicking a few time. Zapier makes it possible for anyone, without specific technical knowledge, to integrate Lime Go with over 400 different online services.

Yes, Lime Go has an open REST API which you can use to integrate your Lime Go with other systems. You can read the full API-documentation here.

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  3. What you are allowed to do with the information in Lime Go

What you are allowed to do with the information in Lime Go

You can always

  • Access the correct contact information
  • Look up correct information regarding potentially new customers
  • Create swift calling lists in order to prospect amongst all included companies and persons
  • Easily see how many companies there are that are similar to you best customers: Create twins to sell more. You have all contact details you need!

You can also

  • Generate emails to important key stakeholders one and one. We use “mail-to” links and thus support most email clients on the market´.
  • Create email merges to all e-mail addresses you added yourself.
  • Mail all your customers and their contact persons
  • Mail all prospect that you have an active dialogue with. An active dialogue is defined as a company with a status as This is a customer, Working on it or This was a customer.
  • Email all persons on whom you added a “Tag” indicating that they wish to receive information from you.

Legal Requirements for campaigns

To be able to create a Newsletter in Lime Go, you need to have explicit consent from the recipients, due to GDPR.

Learn more about GDPR