Email our support at with the following information;

  1. Screenshot of the message/error.
  2. When it happened and who it affected.
  3. Which Lime CRM version you’re using.

Check if you have the latest version of Lime CRM (download here) and try restarting your computer.

If this doesn’t help, you are always welcome to contact our support at

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  2. Troubleshooting
  3. The filter in a relation tab doesn’t show a result, how do I solve this?

The filter in a relation tab doesn't show a result, how do I solve this?

  1. Make sure you have not selected the “Quick Search” selection.
  2. Check that other selections on the same tab work.

Signs of the problem may be that:

  • The selection shows no content.
  • If you click F5 you may get an error message.

If the problem is not resolved fix it by clearing the registry value.

To clear the registry:

  1. Close Lime CRM.
  2. Start regedit.exe (usually in your Windows programs).

  1. Close and search for Software – choose Lundalogik (our previous name!).
  2. Right click on Lime and rename it Lime_Old (for example).
  3. Try to start Lime CRM again.

NOTE! When you log in again after resetting, you will need to re-enter your login information. If you have made changes to which tabs you want to display as well as start selection, you will need to select them again the first time.