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Step 5. History / To-dos / Documents

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When contacting the customer, it is important to document what is happening and follow up on activities you do; you document this in the history and with the help of documents (where you can save eg quotes and emails). To remember to follow up on the next step, you can then use to-do tasks, which we can also synchronize with Outlook.


Through history, you can not only create activities but also produce statistics on what activities you have towards customers, such as how many customer visits you have made in the last quarter.

Common history types are:

  • Received email
  • Customer visit
  • Talked to
  • Sent email
  • Sales call
  • Trying to reach a customer (the times we call a customer without getting an answer)
  • Other note

What history types do you want in Lime?


By categorizing the documents, you can quickly find the document you are looking for.

Common document types are:

  • Agreement
  • Mail
  • E-mail
  • Offer
  • Other

What document types should you save in Lime?


An important step for good customer relations and business management is that you do what you promised to the customer and preferably more.  Through the subject line, you briefly describe what the reminder is about, where you can have some standard topics, to quickly create common reminders, but also write free text!

Common standard subjects are:

  • Follow up the quote
  • Customer visit
  • Call
  • Send quotation
  • Sales call

What standard subjects should be in Lime?

To prepare

A list of the types and standard topics you want for history / to do / documents