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Step 4. Sales/projects

In Lime, we can easily keep track of what you are working on right now through the sales/project tab. A sales/project is represented by a card in Lime. A sales/project is linked to a company and the same company can have several sales. You get our pipe simply by looking at the sales/project tab in Lime, which gives a summary of what sales/projects  are in your pipe, how far you have come and how much money is in the pipe.

Below is an example of what a sales/project card might look like. The example can be used as support in the discussions below if desired!

1 .What general information do we need?

Overall information about the sales/project that helps you keep track of what kind of business it is and who owns it. These are fields that:

  • Sales/project name (name of this particular sales/project)
  • Company (customer)
  • Contact person (the company contact person for this particular sales)
  • Business manager (your responsible salesperson)

2. What different steps does a sales/project go through? What does the sales process look like?

This links back to the processes discussed during the business start-up meeting. By putting different statuses on the sales/projects, it is possible to follow where you are right now and how much value you have in each status. Examples of steps / statuses:

  1. Customer support
  2. Needs analysis
  3. Offer
  4. Agreement
  5. Should the sale/project be divided into different areas / categories?
  6. What numbers and dates are we interested in?

This is about getting a good view of the current situation but also to facilitate follow-up. Examples of different fields:

  • Sales/project value
  • Probability
  • Weighted value (= probability * sales/project value)
  • Date when the quote was sent
  • Date (month) for expected closing date
  • Date of agreement / rejection

3. Is it interesting to follow up why we got / did not get a deal?

In that case, do we want to do this with free text fields or different fixed alternatives (eg being able to choose that we won / lost due to price, schedule, offer)? A fixed list of alternatives makes it possible to extract reports on why we win / lose, while a free text field allows for a deeper analysis.

4. Review the answers from the questions above

Do you now have the information you need when looking at your pipeline?

To prepare

A list of the fields you need on the business card