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  3. Step 1. Your business and organisation

Step 1. Your business and organisation

On this page you can read about:


  • Who are you? What do you do and what is important that we at Lime know about you?
    • What do you offer your customers? How many customers do you have today?
    • Where are you geographically located?
    • What’s going on in the business?
  • What does the organisation look like, who works for you? For example. different types of sellers?
  • How do you work with different market areas?
  • Do you have previous experience with CRM systems?
    • Has anyone in the project group been involved in the introduction of IT systems before?

Today’s processes

How do you work today? What do your different processes look like (eg the sales process, work with marketing activities)? Questions to help get going:

  • How / where do we keep track of information about prospects and customers?
  • What workflows and work processes should Lime support / facilitate?
  • What is the flow from prospectus to customer?
    • Who handles which part of the chain? When do we hand over between different roles?
  • How do you keep existing customers warm and whose responsibility is it to do so?
    • ex. mailings to remind them of what you have to offer, customer meetings and other events?
  • What works well / can work better in the processes?
  • What follow-up do you want to be able to do in Lime?

To prepare

Think about how you work today based on the questions above. Develop data on what works well and what has the potential to improve.