Tips & Tricks


Tips & Tricks

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Shortcuts in Lime

There are lots of simple and easy shortcuts that you can use in Lime – read on for a few examples.
​To see the complete list click on the document attached to the article.

F1 – Open Lime help.

CTRLS – Save a card or a post in a list (from Lime CRM 10.8 and later).

ALT + P  –  Save a card or a post in a list (from Lime CRM 10.7 and earlier).

CTRL ENTER – Save and close a card or a post when you’ve finished editing.

ESC – Close card/Complete list editing/Clear search field in main list.

TAB – Jump to the next field (on cards and in lists).

CTRL I – Show information (selected post in list).

CTRL P – Open report centre.

CTRL A – Mark all rows in a list or all content in a field.

CTRL – Press and hold Ctrl-when starting Lime CRM to get directly to login (inactivates temporary auto login).