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Product Library

Q: What does it cost?

A: It’s included in the Tiers. Please look at our pricing info to see the exact number.


Q: How do I get started?

A: Either you add products to your library one by one, or you migrate products from the ERP.


Q: How do I migrate products?
A: You do it by activating the sync. Then it will start automatically.


Q: How many products can I have?

A: Depends on the Tier. 5/25/50/200


Q: Why is there a limitation of products in each tier?

A: We’ve seen that the need for products increases in relation to the size of the company. We recommend grouping the products into product families to simplify. If you have a need for more products, simply upgrade.


Q: What if I have more than 200 products?

A: We have a maximum number of products in the largest tier in our first version. Please let us know the desired amount and we’ll take it to product.


Q: How much is customizable?

A: Product name, article number, quantity, price, discount (%), units.


Q: What about currency?
A: It’s set by the app currency.


Q: Will I be able to retroactively submit products to already won deals?

A: You can only change or edit products on deals that are in the pipe and not in final steps (won/lost).


Q: Will I be able to filter on deals in the pipeline based on products?

A: Not yet. If you want that feature, please submit a feedback wish here.


Q: Who can add new products to the product library?

A: Admins only.


Q: Who can add products to a deal?

A: Anyone.


Q: Can I change the name information of a product and it will be seen on all deals?
A: Yes.


Q: Help, I’ve deleted a product from the product library. What do I do?
A: Simply add the product to the library again.


Q: Are products visible for all coworkers or just me?
A: For all coworkers.


Q: What can I expect to be added in the future?

A: This is the first version. If you are curious or have input – please look at our roadmap.


Q: Can I adjust VAT on products?

A: Not yet.