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About Lime CRM

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How do I lock field or card for selected users?

Users are included in groups which are then included in policies. If you want to add competence to a field for example, you add it using a policy.

You first need to create a policy in LISA (the admin interface for LIME)

  1. Log into LISA.
  2. Click on Databases.
  3. Click on your database.
  4. Click on Security>Policies. Click on New, give your Policy a suitable name and enter the display name for the language you use in Lime CRM.
  5. The field name should include the system name of the policy. We recommend that you use a descriptive name in the formatting tbl_table name (tbl=abbreviation of table) och fld_table name_field name (fld is an abbreviation of field).
  6. You can specify translations by name, but this is only used when a policy is of the type Filters, views, templates and reports as it is only in this case that they are visible in the Lime CRM client.
  7. Tick the box to show what the policy allows for each group.
    R=Read – add reading rights to a table or field.  Without this, users can’t see fields or cards.
    W=Write – allow changes to existing data in card/fields.
    A=Add – add the right to add information to a card.
    D=Delete – add the right to delete information in a card.
  8. Click on Save.

Now you can attach your policy to a field or card.

  1. Click Designer in the left side of LISA and click the tab on which the field is located.
  2. Click on the card or field so that it gets a green frame.
  3. Click Properties in the tab on the right.
  4. A bit down there is “Security Policy”.
  5. Click the drop-down list and select your policy.
  6. Save and close.
  7. Restart Lime CRM to test.

Policies can be complicated, so if you need help to create a policy one of our consultants can help.  Contact us for price/time estimate at or on 046-270 48 00.