1. Lime CRM
  2. Get started
  3. Install and update Lime on your computer

Install and update Lime on your computer

Download Lime CRM here.

Run the installer for Lime CRM Desktop Client.

Please note! If you’re doing an update you need to specify which database you want to use.

Local database (if the database is on your system)

  • Specify Name on your Lime CRM Server (If you’re uncertain: Check a colleague on the bottom right hand corner in Lime CRM – the name is there).
  • Click Update.
  • Choose database.
  • Click OK to progress. Enter your login name and password or click OK directly in the login box.
    ​ (If you have an AD login it’s connected to your Windows login and you don’t need to enter any specific login information.

Cloud (if your database is on Lime)

If you’re a cloud customer do the following:

  • To run Lime CRM in a different language to your computer language, change your language settings.
  • Enter the name of your Lime CRM Server. It’s usually the company name, or .lime-crm.com.
  • If you’re unsure check a colleague’s profile (on the bottom right tabs) or call Lime support at + 46 46-270 48 00.
  • Click update. A database that you can select will come up. This is usually the same as your company name.
  • When you click on OK you can then log in with your email address and password that your administrator sent to you in Lime CRM.