Tips & Tricks


Tips & Tricks

Check your contracts in the Lime CRM web client when you’re out and about.  One of our consultants needs to configure your system for a few hours so your web client can be tailored to your database and other functions.

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How to search the CRM database

There are multiple ways to search and  filter information in Lime CRM.

*Quick search – search furthest down in the box next to Search. You’re now searching the entire database for information in the columns you’ve chosen to show in your view.

Tip 1! If you want to search for both your companies and one of your colleagues, you can write ” ‘Your name’ OR ‘Your colleague’s name’ ” in the quick filter. For more quick filters see the Quick filter section in Lime CRM help (F1).

Tip 2! Having trouble finding what you’re looking for? Check you’ve got the right selection and view.

Selection – choose a selection you often work with or choose Quick search to search the entire database. Read more.

Column filter – if you are in a selection that shows a content, click on a column name, e.g. Postal address, the list is sorted in alphabetical order sorted by postal address. To filter these out, click on the arrow at the far right of the column name. The arrow is yellow if there is a column filter.

* Super search – if you have super search activated, it is at the top right.  This function searches everything in the database no matter what selection or view you have chosen.