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Project start Lime CRM

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  3. Create the best possible project group

Create the best possible project group

  • Create the best possible project group you can think of. To begin with, make sure the following roles are included (if you are a small organisation you may be able to fill the group with all users straight away):
  • Experienced project manager. Your internal project manager for the implementation, together with our project manager, drives the project forward. Your project manager organises the project group’s work and ensures that the tasks you receive before / between meetings are carried out on time.
  • Decision makers from the management. In order for the project group to have a mandate behind the decisions about how Lime CRM should be used to support your processes, someone with a mandate is needed to decide how the users should work. Otherwise, full support from the management is required for the project manager to be able to drive the project.
  • Representatives from all departments. Everyone involved must be well acquainted with today’s work processes. A big part of the project group’s work is about “translating” your processes into how they should work in Lime CRM. It also makes it easier to anchor Lime CRM in your the organization.
  • Driving soul(s) for the project. The driving soul acts as a driving force and inspirer in the project group, as well as an ambassador among the users during and after the introduction. Ideally, of course, all members of the project group should be passionate!
  • Someone with a good technical understanding. This is not about being able to program; it’s about having someone who understands the basic technology, databases and what limitations there may be.
  • Informal influencer

Of course, a participant can have several of the roles, but they should all be there to give you as strong a project team as possible.

Tip! Make sure that the group does not become too tech-heavy, which happens easily. Focus on the business benefit.

There are a few more roles. These roles are not only essential during the installation, but the roles will also be important after the installation.

  • The system owner has the strategic responsibility for Lime CRM with you and is usually the one who has the budget responsibility for the implementation and management.
  • During the project, the administrators are trained in how the database is structured, how it can be configured and in the administration of user accounts. It could be someone in IT, or someone in the organisation who has an interest in technology. However, this person should have an good understanding of Lime and keep track of the processes which are handled in the solution.
  • Super users are trained to know the little extra about Lime CRM, they are ambassadors and go to users! They can create selections, views, templates and reports and know how to make mass mailings. It is good if these represent the user groups.

Set a realistic budget

Think through all aspects of the project and ensure that the project team has the financial framework required to carry out the project. Add a buffer, everything takes longer than you think.

Do not forget that investing in CRM is offensive and revenue-driven.

It will definitely give money back, what you do is an important investment for the future.

Give full mandate

Ensure that the group has a full mandate from the management and clarify this internally. The project manager must have the confidence to be able to run the project with the full support and mandate of the management.

Let the project be a priority item on the management group’s agenda.