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About Lime CRM

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Create and use selection

When do I use selection?

Selection controls what you see in lists and helps you find what you’re looking for more quickly and also saves your searches.

You can use Super-search, quick filter or quick search for most of your day to day searches, but it can be useful to have a prepared selection in the database that you can quickly access.

An example of a selection is My prospects or Today’s to-do list on the activity tab.

What is a selection?

A selection is a question to the database that shows everything that Lime CRM finds from the criteria you give in the selection (Dynamic selection). A selection can also be certain hand-picked companies, documents or persons who are always the same (statistical selection).

You can create your own selection that only you have access to or share your selection with all your colleagues or just a chosen few.

Lime CRM applies a symbol to the name of the selection that shows the type of selection:

To create your own dynamic selection, click on the arrow to the right of the three lines.

The dialogue will appear below.  The default is “My selection” with the aim to create a temporary selection used for a limited period. Create a selection by choosing the field on which a condition is set for the purpose of restricting the information displayed.


Create a simple selection with my prospects

The selection is based on the field in our own database, but this can differ from the field name in your database.  The principle is the same.

  1. Go to the tab you want to create the selection in, for example Company.
  2. Click on the arrow just to the right of the selection button.
  3. Choose New selection.
  4. Click on the other dot to Name the selection.
  5. Click on the arrow by Field and choose Responsible, Conditions = Equal to, Type = Value, Value=your name, Add.
  6. Click on the arrow by the Field and select Purchase status, Conditions=Equal to, Type = Value, Value = Prospect, Add=And.
  7. Click OK to show and load the list over My prospects.

Now you’ve created a dynamic selection with your prospective client. If any of your prospective clients become customers you can change their purchase status from prospective to customer and they will disappear from the list.

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