Migration & export


Migration & export

You can export the result from a calling list and also your business opportunities. Another option is using Zapier if you want to create automatic export flows.

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  2. Migration & export
  3. Converting an XML file to Excel format

Converting an XML file to Excel format

If necessary, you can export a file that contains all the data you’ve entered into Lime Go. You can read more about exporting here. To preserve the structure of the data, the file is created in XML format. However, it is not uncommon to want to see the file in Microsoft Excel.

Follow the steps below to convert the exported file to Excel format. If you need further assistance, please book a Lime consultant to help you convert XML to Excel. Contact our support if you wish to receive an estimated time for this.


  1. Download the export/ XML file to a local folder.

  1. When you open the file for the first time, Excel may display the following message:

  1. To open the XML file and extract the data, select:

  1. The file should be opened in Excel as shown in the picture below. We recommend you rename and save the Excel file separately from the original to prevent confusion.