Who is Userlike?

Userlike has been a part of Lime Technologies since 2021, and it’s not a coincidence! Just like us at Lime, Userlike loves helping companies reach their customers in new and innovative ways. They are specialists in the areas of live chat, messaging and service automation with AI. Leading brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Decathlon and Nivea already trust Userlike to improve their customer relationships – and we are now excited to present this opportunity to you!

What to expect

Userlike provides you with access to many powerful AI-based chatbot and automation features that will take your customer service to a whole new level. In this webinar we will guide you through the following:

👉 Resolve 60% of your support questions, instantly.

Using the most sophisticated AI technology, Userlike allows you to deliver accurate answers that resolve customer requests and reduce your service costs.

🤖 AI Automation Hub

Feed the central knowledge base with the information your customers are looking for and speed up your support workflows. Connect your CRM, database or any other external system to automate entire processes.

🔍 Chatbots, Smart FAQ and more

Whether you rely on chat, contact forms or FAQs, Userlike’s AI is always present to recognize questions and distribute your answers in real time. So your team has more time to focus on the personal interactions that really matter.

🌟 Userlike’s GPT-4 level AI chatbot

Embrace the future of AI customer support. Userlike provides a system that combines the AI Automation Hub with the power of OpenAI’s world-renowned GPT-4 large language model for natural interactions and ultra precise outcomes.

Sounds interesting and want to learn more?

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