Forbind Lime Go til andre systemer


Forbind Lime Go til andre systemer

Zapier is a super neat and cool service which makes integrations between different online services as easy as pointing and clicking a few time. Zapier makes it possible for anyone, without specific technical knowledge, to integrate Lime Go with over 400 different online services.

Yes, Lime Go has an open REST API which you can use to integrate your Lime Go with other systems. You can read the full API-documentation here.

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Visma eAccounting integration

What is Visma eAccounting (Visma eEkonomi)?

Visma eAccounting is an economy software for small businesses, it is easy to use and web based. Connecting the two offers a possibility to create a new company in eAccounting and update outdated company information.

How to connect

  1. You need to have an account at Visma eAccounting and activate their Visma Integration add-on.
  2. Then log in to Lime Go > Settings > Integrations > ERP integrations.
  3. Select Visma eAccounting and follow the steps provided on the page.

How does it work?

New customers will automatically be sent to Visma eAccounting, ready for invoicing.
If you have chosen to also send over deals, these will create invoice documents when they are marked as won.

How does it work?

The integration between Lime Go and Visma eAccounting is a one way integration, and is based on two sales events.

When a company becomes a customer in Lime Go, the customer is added to Visma eAccounting automatically.
When a deal is won in Lime Go you can choose if you want to create an invoice or an order and automatically link it to the company in Visma eAccounting.

The responsible coworker on the deal will be set as “Our reference” and the contact person on the deal will be set as “Your reference” on the invoice in Visma eAccounting.

Please note that this information in Visma eAccounting will be overwritten:


  • Name
  • Registration number
  • Postal address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Website

Contact person (which in Visma is called reference person)

  • First and last name
  • Email
  • Direct phone number
  • Mobile number