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Brugere & fakturering

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Add new user

If you want to add a new employee as a user in Lime Go, go to Search (magnifying glass), select the tab Employee, + Add a new employee  and enter the required information.

Note that when you add a new employee, a new account is created which will receive an invoice during the next billing period.

You can also contact support or your sales manager at Lime for more help when adding more users!

Rename users

Case study: Carl is no longer an employee and therefore doesn’t use Lime Go anymore, while Victoria is just about to start. We recommend that you disable Carl’s account and create a completely new user account for Victoria.

You can also change Carl’s user name to Victoria but then it will look like Victoria did all of Carl’s work. This removes one of the benefits of Lime Go: the ability to keep track of who said, promised and did what.

You can also transfer companies and reminders from an inactive user

To take over reminders:

  • Select Search and click on the Employee.
  • Select the the inactive user’s name.
  • On the inactive user’s card, you’ll find all the reminders that the user was responsible for.
  • Highlight one and select Edit  by clicking on the button in the right corner of the reminder.

Now you can take over the reminder.

To take over responsibility for companies:

  • Choose Search clients in the menu bar on the left and select Companies .
  • Create a filter for Responsible employee and select the inactive user.
  • The list will now display all the companies you can switch to an active user.
  • Select the first company in the list, change the responsible employee and scroll through the list using the arrows.