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Arbejde med e-mail udsendelser

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  3. Subscribe to your Lime Go calendar in Outlook

Subscribe to your Lime Go calendar in Outlook

To subscribe to your Lime Go calendar in Outlook, you need a subscription link from Lime Go.

How to do this?

Start in Lime Go
  1. Click on your profile picture.
  2. Go to Addons & API.
  3. Find the tab called Calendar sync
  4. Press Generate subscription adress.
  5. Tap the link to create a URL and then copy the link you created.
Open Outlook
  1. Copy the link and then open your Outlook calendar.
  2. In Outlook, in the “Manage calendars” section, select “Add calendar” and then “From the Internet”, and paste the link.

Now you have synced your Lime Go calendar with Outlook. It may take a while before your appointments appear, this depends on how often your calendar checks for updates, usually every 15 minutes.

NOTE! Changes made to the calendar here won’t be transferred to Lime Go. What you see reflects your Lime Go calendar.

Coming soon!

We will soon have a two-way sync in place. Stay tuned!