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Find the right company

Finding the right business by searching for a name can be harder than you think. Many companies use several different names.


Start with the legal name, which is the company name registered at the tax office. This will often be the official name used by the company. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and there are many exceptions.


The popular name is the name the company uses without necessarily owning or registering it. For example, Kalle owns and works in a hair salon. The company is registered under Kalle’s name, but he has a sign outside the salon saying  “Cool Cuts”. Kalle’s company is known by this name even though it’s officially registered under a different name.


Franchises are separate companies operating under the same name. McDonald’s is a well-known example of this. Many McDonald’s restaurants are officially registered under a different name, but they are all known as “McDonald’s”.


Companies in Lime Go are often found by searching for their popular names. However, there is no complete list of all popular names. The data is collected by our partner Bisnode. Furthermore, small or new companies may not be visible in our database.


One tip is to search for the company on a map website, such as, or, as these sites tend to provide the popular names of businesses. This will make it easier fo find the officially registered name of the company.


Another tip  is to include a location during a search, for example by searching for “Lime Gothenburg” you will find Lime’s office in Gothenburg.


What if you’re trying to find the head office and not any other locations?

We have a tip for this as well! Select one of the other locations and scroll down. Just under “Information”, Lime Go will tell you the name of the head office.